What is Synthetic Pearl Pigments and Its Uses ?

What is Synthetic Pearl Pigments and Its Uses ? Synthetic pearl pigments are artificial pigments made from mica coated with metal oxides like titanium dioxide or iron oxide. They create a pearlescent effect, resembling the shimmer of natural pearls. They use in Various Industries like Cosmetics, Automotive Coatings, Plastics, Coatings, Paints and more. AMP Pigments […]

photochromic Pigment

Exploring Thermochromic and Photochromic Pigments: Uses and Applications by AMP Pigments (SP Colour & Chemicals)

Welcome to the world of Thermochromic & Photochromic Pigments Welcome to our blog by AMP Pigments. Today, we’re here to describe two innovative types: thermochromic and photochromic pigments. These Pigments are used in various industries with their unique properties. Understanding Thermochromic Pigments: Thermochromic pigments are special compounds that change colour in response to temperature. Uses


Welcome to the World of Aluminium Metal pigments

Welcome to the world of Aluminium Metal pigments Today, we are here to introduce you to the world of Aluminium Metal Pigments, proudly manufactured by SP Colour & Chemicals | AMP Pigments. With a wide range of pigment solutions, we’re excited to shed light on the unique properties and applications of Aluminium Metal Pigments. We


Modify Plastics Coating with Vibrant Colour Pigments

Modify Plastics Coating with Vibrant Colour Pigments AMP Pigments ( SP Colour & Chemicals ) – manufacturers of high quality pigments, we are here to provide you valuable insights, industry trends, and solutions for your plastic products. Pigments for various Industries by AMP Pigments With years of experience and a dedication to excellence, we pride


Beauty with Pearl and Pigments for Cosmetic Industries by AMP Pigments

SP Colour & Chemicals Crafting Beauty with Pearl and Pigments for Cosmetic Industries We have been manufacturers of Pigments for the past 25 years. We manufacture various types of Pigments for various Industries. Today We are here to Introduce about Cosmetics Pigments. Our pigments provide beauty for cosmetic products and also meet the highest standards


Boosting Crops quality with Advanced Seeds Coating Polymers from AMP Polymer

In modern agriculture, These tiny coatings optimize crops, enhancing seed protection, and promoting farming practices. Seed coating polymers known as a protector for seeds, Coatings seeds from environmental things such as moisture, pests, and diseases etc. Additionally, they provide a nutrient-rich environment for germination, ensuring uniform growth and robust plant development. With the right polymer


Enhancing Paints Pigments – Expertise of AMP Pigments

Paints with Pearlescent Pigments: The Expertise of AMP Pigments We are proud manufacturers offering a wide array of high-quality pigments and specialized chemicals that cater to various industries and artistic endeavors. Our commitment to excellence and innovation sets us apart, ensuring you get the finest products to bring your visions to life. Silver Dollar Paste:


Explore the World of Pigments with AMP Pigments

In the vibrant and ever-evolving world of chemical and manufacturing, one industry stands out for its incredible diversity and innovation – the realm of pigments. Today, we invite you to dive deep into this colorful universe as we introduce you to AMP Pigments. With a wide range of pigment products catering to various industries and

Base paper Industry

Chemicals for Base Paper Industries by AMP Pigments

In Base Paper Industry, innovation is the key to staying ahead. As demands for high-quality and visually appealing paper products continue to surge, the role of specialized chemicals becomes increasingly pivotal. SP Colour and Chemicals – Manufacturers of Pearl & Pigment. Pigment Emulsion Paste : Pigment Emulsion Paste by AMP Pigments is a game-changer in the base

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