Paints with Pearlescent Pigments: The Expertise of AMP Pigments

We are proud manufacturers offering a wide array of high-quality pigments and specialized chemicals that cater to various industries and artistic endeavors. Our commitment to excellence and innovation sets us apart, ensuring you get the finest products to bring your visions to life.

Silver Dollar Paste: Add a touch of sophistication with our Silver Dollar Paste, perfect for creating metallic finishes that exude class and style.

Aluminium Powder: Explore the versatility of Aluminium Powder, ideal for applications ranging from industrial coatings to artistic projects.

Bronze Powder: Unleash the warmth and richness of Bronze Powder, perfect for achieving that timeless, antique look.

Pearl Pigment Powder: Discover a mesmerizing range of Pearl Pigment Powders, available in various shades and particle sizes (15, 25, 60, 100, 150, 200, 400, and 700 um). Create captivating effects and enhance your designs with our exquisite collection.

Pigment Powder (Organic/Inorganic): Explore a vivid spectrum of shades, including Maroon, Pink, Synthetic Red, Oil Red, and White Pigments. Our products are designed to meet the demands of various applications, from industrial coatings to artistic expressions.

Radium Powder (Glow in the Dark): Experience the magic of our long-glow pigments in various shades and particle sizes (50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 um). Create awe-inspiring designs that come to life in the dark, all while ensuring safety with our non-hazardous formulations.

Pigment Aqua Paste: We pride ourselves on our ability to create special shades according to your specific needs. Let your creativity run wild, and we’ll provide the perfect pigment aqua paste to bring your vision to fruition. Texture Emulsion Binder, Thickener, and Dispersing Agent: The Foundation of Your Creations.  Our range of texture emulsion binders, thickeners, and dispersing agents ensures that your pigments adhere perfectly, providing stability and enhancing the overall quality of your projects.


In the world of paints, AMP Pigments, a brand of SP Colour and Chemical, stands as a symbol of excellence in pearlescent pigments. These pigments not only enhance the aesthetics of paints but also improve their performance and durability. With a commitment to quality and a passion for innovation, AMP Pigments continues to be a trusted partner for paint manufacturers seeking to elevate their products.

If you’re looking to add a touch of brilliance and sophistication to your paints, consider the pearlescent pigments from AMP Pigments. Contact us today to explore our range of stunning pigments that can take your paint formulations to the next level.

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  • METAL PIGMENT PRODUCTS : > Silver Dollar Paste >Aluminum Powder >Bronze Powder
  • PEARL PIGMENT POWDER :We have various shades and particle size like: ( 15,25,60,100,150,200,400 & 700 um ) in Pearl Pigment Powder.
  • SPECIAL PEARL PIGMENT : Snow White Pearl, Solar Gold, Mirawal Pearl, Mercury Pearl, Weather Resistance, etc.
  • PIGMENT POWDER ( ORGANIC / INORGANIC ): We have Shades like Maroon/Pink/Synthetic Red/Oil Red/White Pigment etc.
  • RADIUM POWDER ( GLOW IN THE DARK ): We are making long glow pigment in various shades and particle size ( 50,100,150,200,250,300 um ) in non hazardous category.
  • PIGMENT AQUA PASTE : We are making special shades as per customers requirement.
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