In modern agriculture, These tiny coatings optimize crops, enhancing seed protection, and promoting farming practices.

Seed coating polymers known as a protector for seeds, Coatings seeds from environmental things such as moisture, pests, and diseases etc. Additionally, they provide a nutrient-rich environment for germination, ensuring uniform growth and robust plant development. With the right polymer formulation, farmers can significantly enhance seed performance, leading to improved crop quality and yield.

Our Products Range

At AMP Polymer ( SP Colour & Chemicals ), we are manufacturers of comprehensive array of seed coating polymers for various agricultural requirements:

  1. Seeds Coating Polymer: Our product, manufactured to provide superior protection and nutrition to seeds, promoting healthy germination and growth.
  2. Seeds Treatment Polymer: Formulated to protect seeds from seed-borne diseases and pathogens, ensuring optimal seed health.
  3. Colours for Seeds: Offering vibrant colours for seed coatings, facilitating easy identification of seed varieties.
  4. Fodder Seeds Polymer: Polymers optimised for coating fodder seeds, promoting rapid sprouting and nutrient absorption in feed crops.
  5. Red Seeds Polymer, Green Polymer, Multicolor Polymer: Seed types and crop varieties, each optimized for maximum efficacy and performance.

The AMP Polymer Advantages

What sets AMP Polymer apart is our commitment, quality, and sustainability. Our products are crafted using technologies and the finest raw materials, ensuring consistent performance and reliability. Moreover, our team of experts works closely with farmers to understand their unique challenges and develop customised solutions.

Sustainable Agriculture, Brighter Future

We recognize the important role that seed coating polymers play in eco-friendly farming practices. The need for chemical inputs and maximizing seed efficiency, our products contribute to reduced environmental impact and enhanced agricultural productivity. With AMP Polymer by your side, you can cultivate not just crops but a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come.


AMP Polymer stands at the innovation of seed coating polymers, offering a diverse range of high-performance solutions for farmers worldwide. With our commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, we strive for modern agriculture for a brighter future. Choose AMP Polymer and elevate your harvest to new heights of success.

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